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Release the Creator In You

I often find myself being creative with something. One night as i was writing one of my books, I felt the spirit of the Lord speak into my heart. He told me i was a creator and therefore i could not stop being creative. He took me to Genesis 1 where God began to create the Heavens and the Earth and everything in it. He spoke everything into existence and then he made man with his hands and breathed His essence on him. When God the creator breathed His essence in man , He breathed in His creativity. He made man in HIS image. So, as i began to meditate on that the personal word for me was don't be stagnant! Keep releasing your creativity. He than spoke things into existence but now He wants to share his handiwork. He delights in creating through us His children. I heard in my spirit , allow the Creator to create through you. Creativity is in your DNA.

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